I can't understand Russians...


I can't understand Russians. They are living very poor but they still love and like their criminal dictatorship. Why?

You will never understand Russians until you listen to exclusively western media :) Information delivered by them is extremely far from reality. In it a big difference between residents of Russia and residents of the western countries. Residents of Russia have information as from the Russian, and western sources. And they know who where and how many lies. You know information only from CNN/BBC/etc. which very strongly distort the truth.


I can give the short answer. Especially as the long answer will be unclear through my broken English (via electronic translator) :)

  1. Life in Russia has not only the minuses in comparison with life in the West, but also the pluses. Living here — pluses it is more important for the vast majority. We have a departure from the country free and the majority of dissatisfied left in the 1990s.

  2. In Russia now everything solves generation which saw enough in the 1990s of the fact that it can make "the democratic government" with the country. Russia perfectly sees what occurs today in the countries where "democrats" come to the power. Far it isn't necessary to go, from Moscow to Ukraine of only 300 miles.

  3. In Russia there is no normal opposition at all. The opposition in Russia is not those people who want other way fortunately for the country. These are those people who directly declare that the people are the cattle unworthy decision making. It isn't surprising that because of it the people don't support opposition at all.

From here and such high ratings and Putin's support.


I wanted to write shortly, but it has turned out long :)

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