Ukraine and Novorossiya

The Ukrainian saboteurs carried out the next terrorist attack in the territory of LPR. In Luhansk the car of the head of department of National militia of LPR of the colonel Oleg Anashchenko was blown up. Two persons died.


  • Last afternoon the Ukrainian terrorists have undermined the power line support supplying with electricity Horlivka.

    Horlivka was left without electricity.

    Interestingly, in the West after all this someone else sincerely considers that residents of Donbass will sometime want to live in structure of Ukraine?

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    Next epic fail of Ukraine propaganda. During the meeting of the UN Security Council on February 2 the permanent representative of Ukraine Vladimir Elchenko has shown to attendees of a photo of the captain Andrey Kizilo who has died near Avdeyevka.


    "The death of each soldier – one more scar at heart of Ukraine. This 23-year-old officer is killed near Avdeyevka. Look in his eyes!", – Elchenko has called.

    The president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has given Kizilo the rank of the Hero of Ukraine.


    And so, this "soldier" has become famous a little earlier for what showed all as consciously fires at child care facilities of Donbass.

    Inscription on shells — "all the best — to children". Really, look in eyes of this murderer.

    These are similar to him kill children and women in Donbass.

    And it is not the first time when similar murderers become "heroes of Ukraine". But the West still considers an aggressor Russia...

  • That it was clear — a little about the Ukrainian mentality.

    This is the Ukrainian with not washed out brain writes about a poizition of official Ukraine on the main hot questions now. I have a little simplified the text and have changed in it "we" on "Ukraine":

    Patriots block coal supply to prevent financing of terrorists in Donbass. These terrorists — actually Russian troops. These troops without this financing won't be able to be at war. But this blockade is carried out for the benefit of Russia. Because Russia it is profitable that coal was delivered not from Donbass (which it occupies) and directly from Russia.

    The government of Ukraine says that the country without the Donetsk coal won't survive. But the government doesn't prevent to carry out blockade of supply of coal. Because blockade is performed by soldiers of divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and deputies from ruling coalition. These deputies and divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs beat police officers who try to raise blockade. Donbass needs to be returned to Ukraine because there the Ukrainian people. But it is impossible to deliver there drugs and food because they are terrorists.

    It is impossible to pay to Donbass pensions because it finances terrorism. But it is possible to buy there coal because differently the country won't survive. In Russia it is impossible to buy gas directly. Because Russia — an aggressor who can't be financed. But if to buy gas through Slovakia more expensively, then it is possible and it is necessary because differently the country won't survive.

    The Russian troops attack only through the front line and strengthenings because other border is reliably protected by a wire wall.

    Daily it is necessary to shelling at Donbass because there the Russian troops and there is a war. But it is impossible to shelling at the Crimea because there the Russian troops and then there will be a war. But war with Russia at Ukraine goes, and the West helps Ukraine money because the West on our Ukraine. But officially Ukraine has no war because differently the West won't give to Ukraine of money.

    There is no civil war in Ukraine because against Ukraine Russia is at war. But when the Russian-terrorist military personnel is taken prisoner to Ukraine, is citizens of Ukraine. Because war hybrid. And Ukraine shoots at residential quarters of Donetsk because terrorists shoot from residential quarters. And Ukrainians shoot from residential quarters of Avdeyevka because... Shoot because shoot.


    All of you still are surprised why Ukraine from the richest republic at the time of the USSR has rolled down to level below the majority of the poor African countries? You are surprised why the Crimea and Donbass don't want to live in such country?

    However, as has shown my communication at the western forums, similar lack of logic is characteristic also of opinion of very many western inhabitants. And they really don't see problems in the distorted outlook :-/

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