Russian fleet passes English Channel on way to Syria

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@Zagadka said: Belching thick black smoke, the Soviet-era warship, previously known more as a threat to its crew ...

(USS Freedom (LCS 1) in San Diego, 2/19/2016 (c)

USS Freedom (LCS 1) is the lead ship of the Freedom class of littoral combat ships (LCS). She is the third vessel of the United States Navy to be so named for the concept of freedom. She is the design competitor produced by the Lockheed Martin consortium, in competition with the General Dynamics-designed USS Independence. She was officially accepted by the Supervisor of Shipbuilding Gulf Coast on behalf of the US Navy from the Lockheed Martin/Marinette Marine/Gibbs and Cox team in Marinette, Wisconsin on 18 September 2008.


  • @Rugoz said: Russians parading around their old junk.

    You do not understand. This Russian tourists go sunbathing in the Mediterranean Sea.

  • APACHERAT wrote:

    That black smoke that everyone saw spewing from the Russian aircraft carrier was your typical Russian diesel bunker fuel. Basically not politically correct.

    And the many photos of American ships with black smoke. That they use Russian diesel engines? :)

    Or, here's the Japanese for example:


    But, generally, it's a joke, of course. In fact, Russia is now purchased at Hogwarts full smokeless engines:

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    The cruiser "Admiral Kuznetsov" for the first time joined the fighting in Syria

    The Su-33 aircraft carrier attacked the terrorists

    Moscow. 15th of November. INTERFAX.RU - For the first time in the history of the Russian Navy in the fighting involved aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov", who were on board the Su-33 attacked the terrorists, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said.

    In addition, according to Shoigu on Tuesday frigate "Admiral Grigorovich" committed launches of cruise missiles "Caliber" the positions of the terrorists in Syria - pre-defined and proven targets.

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