Winter in Russia

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I wrote this for another forum, but duplicates there can be someone interesting ...

Balancer wrote:

Here the photo of winter which at foreigners most often is associated with Russia :) Simply snowfall. Though strong, but habitual. Moscow. Spring (March, 25) of 2013 :)

Steady Pie wrote:

Holy (*)(*)(*)(*). Never seen a winter like that. Never seen snow.

By Russian standards, in Moscow, a temperate climate. The temperature rarely drops below -20 °C (-4 °F). And snow in many places, too, is much more :)

For example, winter in Norilsk (not my photo).

The thermometer -64 °C (-83 °F).

Russian woman in Norilsk :)


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    Not every day in Moscow will see an icicle, which grows sideways: D

    I saw this morning, when the assigned daughter to school :)

  • Frollein wrote:

    God I hate the cold! Makes me feel sorry for all the poor fellows who had to go to war with Russia because their glorious leaders thought it was a good idea...

    Yes, General Frost is not very friendly to the insurgents :)

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    Here some more little bricks of the Russian winter. Bricks. Ice bircks. :D These are ice blocks which janitors have brought down from the rooftop. And so — on all length of the house!

  • A few days ago the snow fell again. Already no one expected, because the spring this year was warm. But - snow fell and even the temperature dropped below 0 °С.

    Today it became warmer and almost all melted, the snow now lies only in the shade under the trees.

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    Here is a summer now :)

    A week ago it was +26°C (+79°F). But winter returned again. Although the snow was falling heavily for a couple of days, but yesterday was a real surrealism. Cherry tree blossomed. The surrounding area is bathed in its scent. And all this - under the snow! :D This is how I came back yesterday from the office. There's nothing else.

    And now near the house ... As they say, more - more!

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