Information war

Matthewthf wrote

My one issue with Russia on this matter was the bombing of the Hospitals in Aleppo.

In Syria, anti-Russian side constantly playing two scenarios of information warfare:

  1. ISIS or "moderate opposition" carries mortar shelling of civilian targets. The result is shown as the Russian aviation strike. For a special effect, you can throw fragments of Russian bombs collected elsewhere. Example - the shelling of humanitarian convoys.

  1. The Russian aviation strikes at the real object. This object is then displayed as a school or hospital. While it may be nowadays conventional military target of terrorists. Example - a school in liberated Aleppo, which has deployed a chemical factory of ISIS.

However, there is even more direct deception. As for the result of Russian bombardments issued the old photographs of the destroyed Lebanon, Iraq, etc.

You can also do staged photos or video about the atrocities in Russia or Assad's:

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