Russia through the eyes of foreigners. Comments.

Here have sent me the link to "The Telegraph" with what looks unusual to foreigners in Russia :)

59 amazing facts about Russia

I would tell what is quite precisely described. On 9 of 10 :) Though there are mistakes. I will try to comment on some moments.

  1. Its greatest museum - The Hermitage, also in St Petersburg - is home to around 70 cats ...

On a photo Vaska cat is represented. One-eyed patriarch of the cat's tribe of the Hermitage. But there is an inaccuracy. Cats in the Hermitage never come into halls, and live only in cellars. Probably, he was given for a photoshoot there. Also have still turned such foreshortening that his odnoglazovost wasn't visible. The photo old - cats don't live so much, Vaska 12 as has died years.

There was a short period when cats from the Hermitage were moved away. But then the great number of rats has bred there. Cats had to be returned.

Here it is possible to esteem about cats of Erimtazha via the machine translator into English. With photos :)


    1. Subbotnik is the day when residents of Russian cities volunteer to sweep up and tidy the streets. It started after the revolution but still happens today.

    Yes, such tradition is. But it is already not so frequent as earlier, at the USSR. Also participate in her less people. But, in my opinion, abroad too there are similar traditions when in a certain day people take to the streets and bring order there :)

    1. The icicles hanging from the gutters in Moscow in winter are so enormous that the pavements below are cordoned off - as they'd kill you if they fell on your head.

    There is such problem. Icicles are forced down from roofs by municipal workers. Owners of buildings with icicles are fined. But it is completely impossible to fight with them. And every year from their falling from huge height several people perish. At what happens and vice versa. Recently one worker who forced down icicles and has broken from a roof has died.

    And it is my daughter last winter :)

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