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Previous night in Moscow. Here winter back again :smile:

Night winter in Moscow



  • Thunderhawk wrote:

    Im Canadian, a couple others are from Quebec and snowier parts of Canada. There is also an Alaskan on the forum. Your snow pictures are nothing special to us :p

    Canada in general is very similar to Russia :) And even say that people on character are very similar (at me the friend has lived in Canada 7 years, has returned to Russia 4 years ago). But the USA (excepting Alaska, of course :)) has the most northern areas to the south of the most southern Russian :)


    Well and to dilute a discussion with photos :) Moscow today, photographed in the evening on the way to work.

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    Took away the daughter from school in the afternoon and has thought that how many I live in the area, but didn't photograph the Moscow monorail in frosts :) And it was the whole problem. At first trains of a monorail have bought in Switzerland, but there were problems with their use in frosts. It was necessary to do the, Russian trains later. Now, however, in 15 years of operation, rumors about possible closing of a monorail in favor of the tram go.

    Moscow Monorail in winter frost

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    On Friday morning brought the daughter to school and the eye was fixed for such frosty patterns on bus-stop glass.

    Frosty patterns on bus-stop glass.

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    Russian village. Once I go outside in the morning — and I see such pictures. It not snow, it dropped out hoarfrost (rime). Fantastic look...

  • I walked with daughter near the pond. There are a lot of ducks, so that took a camera to take photos of them. I did not get interesting pictures of ducks, but I managed to take a picture, like a seagull fishing :)

  • Before the New Year with my family, we went to the rink. Along the way, I took a picture of the Ostankino tower in the low clouds :)

    You know, it's 1772-foot structure is not buried like anything special, but just standing, unfastened, posed on the platform? This is called "free-standing structure".

  • A little macro photo. Bee at work :) This I photographed last summer in the village.

  • So another picture last summer. This is a simple rustic rooster. It was in honor of this year of the Rooster on the Chinese calendar :)

  • It too from the village in the summer. Such goats were grazed in front of the mother's house :)

  • Our third day the temperature outside is -26 .. -30°C (-15..-22°F). Even for Moscow is cold :) Although there are many cities in Russia, where such a temperature - a common occurrence. But Moscow was used, the temperature rarely falls below -15 .. -20°C (+5 .. -5°F) :)

    Yesterday I photographed frosty streets a little, but now in Russia New Year's days off come to an end and it is necessary to prepare for work. Therefore thoughtfully to describe photos it won't turn out. And I will put this question away for later :) For now, for a priming, my yesterday's selfie :D

  • Now I brought order to old photos. This photo of June 6, 2012 has got to me. I sit on a chair here :) It we with familiar astrofans are going to observe transit of Venus on a disk of the Sun. The phenomenon following it will be only in 2117 :)

  • For contrast. It from recent photos. People in the park near my house build snowmen :) Now, however, all snow has already almost thawed. On the street it is wet and is dirty.

  • On the photo, February 23. In Russia they celebrate Maslenitsa (Shrovetide).

    A holiday, when they take Winter out. Got us from the pagan times :) Orthodoxy in Russia inherited a lot from the pagan period.

  • I caught sight of such graffiti on the way to one of my works.

  • Bench on the street. My daughter sat down to rest :) We went on foot to the Geological Museum.

    Well, since I started to write about the museum - here is a photo of a large zeolots of amethyst in the museum :)

  • In a nearby shopping center, the Hamleys toy store opened. They say it's very famous, but I did not hear it before :) The phone booth, of course, gives out the London origin. Sorry, the Tardis are not there: D

  • And this is just my son. It grows a little :) In a month, it will be two years.

  • On the line there were new trams "Vityaz" ("Knight"? - I do not know the literal translation of this Russian word.). But I did not really like. Quite noisy, no USB outlets for charging phones. And the validators of contactless tickets, somehow, do not always respond to the ticket immediately.

    Tram inside.

  • Just a non-ceremonial Moscow. What it is rarely seen by tourists :)

  • Here is a graffiti caught the other day at an electrical substation in Maryina Roshcha :)

  • I have not written anything in this topic for a long time. Now I went for a short time with my family to the village in the Kaliningrad region. I work from here remotely. A few photos with brief comments.

    This is an Orthodox church in the district center. Gusev is a small town (28 thousand inhabitants) 20 miles from the border with Poland.

  • Kaliningrad is the westernmost city in Russia. The former Königsberg. The former Twangste, Kunnegsgarbs, Knigsberg, Królewiec, Karaliaučius... The city of many names :)

    This is how the Kaliningrad sunset looks.

  • Kaliningrad is noticeably inferior in terms of living standards to Moscow. Salaries here are about half that of Moscow. And the cost of living is less than a half times. However, the city is growing quite actively. Many new houses are being built. However, until now in many places there are such German ruins :)

  • And again I'm here. My cases in the Kaliningrad region are being delayed. I planned to return to Moscow on July 6, and it was July 16. And not the fact that I will have time to do everything planned before the end of the month :) It's good that my work is remote and I can deal with it from anywhere.

    It's bad that I live in a small village (Countryside? Hamlet?). I do not know the literal analogue of such settlements in America. In American cinema this is not shown :D This is not a familiar American small town, which differs from the big city only in size. And not a farm village where one family lives. It's like a group of several dozen farm villages in one place. So it's bad that there is an uncomfortable and rather expensive mobile Internet traffic. 8 gigabytes of 4G/LTE cost about $10, and I spend 2 gigabytes a day :)

    The village where I live looks like this:

    I just went for milk to neighbors, took a photo on the way, I thought that I had not written anything to this forum for a long time and decided to write this note :)

  • And this is a rural school. I studied there from 1987 to 1990 :)

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