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  • Just a tree by the road. Unfortunately, this time I did not take a DSLR with me and so I only have to take photos on the smartphone. What deprives the opportunity for high-quality photos :) I'll have to look for something from last year's photos of these places.

  • And here are the old photos. It's an oak tree next to the house. Maybe someone on the desktop wallpaper will come in handy :)

  • Some more old photos. Mushrooms in the neighboring forest. Boletus (penny bun, cep, porcino or porcin). Boletus generally like to grow in large groups. It's not all that there were, next to it was up to a dozen mushrooms :)

  • Severe rural humor :) In the background is a cemetery. Black garbage can. The slogan on the garbage can is "The Power of Life in Purity."

  • For some reason I thought that Mikhailovo, where I am now, is a new settlement. However, it turned out, the first mention refers to 1565!

    Until 1615 the village was called Strige. Then, until 1938 - Egeringken (German Eszerningken, Lithuanian Ežerninkai). In 1938, the Germans renamed all the Lithuanian names in German and until 1946 the village was called Neupassau. Well, in 1946 the names of the settlements of Prussia were changed again, already in Russian :)

    Here in the photo - Kaliningrad sky above Mikhailovo. Today we went for a walk to the neighboring village, Priozernoe.

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    The the war grave (bed of honour? - I do not know how to translate accurately) in the neighboring village (Priozernoe). Here are buried 244 soldiers who died in 1945.

  • The old German road. Paving stone. To go on it the real torture, but for many decades without repair it is quite preserved :)

    I drove along this road my kid on a three-wheeled bicycle (with a handle for an adult - like a baby stroller turns out). When we reached the end, he groaned with a groan from the bicycle and asked for handles. But I endured until the end :D

    In the Kaliningrad region in general, there are quite a few roads with paving stones. There are even in large cities areas with such roads. For example, in Kaliningrad itself, in Chernyakhovsk ...

  • The old German dam across the Pissa River near the neighboring village, Priozernoye. The mill in this place was built in 1732. When the dam in the modern form appeared I do not know, but it was, of course, before the war (WWII — In Russia, when the war is said, without mentioning a specific name, they always mean the Second World War - in no other war did the country experience such huge losses.). First there was a mill on this dam, when the Soviet Union was there for a while the collective farm hydroelectric power station. Since the 1960s, the dam has been abandoned.

  • Actually, the dam itself.

  • I several times jumped with a parachute. First, just to test me, then - because it became interesting. The last time it was a very long time, in 2003. But that day, for the first time, I took a camera with me to the plane. And I got this picture after the jump, when I was falling with a parachute :) There was a lot of cloudiness. On the ground - gloomy, cloudy weather. And above the clouds the sun was shining. The camera, of course, was very primitive at that time. And the picture lost a lot in quality. But anyway, I'm looking at this photo and remember that day.

  • Photo without any history and philosophy :) Just a little street next to my work.

  • Summer in Moscow has already ended. The weather is dull and rainy. As we joke - "Summer in Russia is short, but snowy" :)

    This photo was taken on one of the last hot days. Sokolniki Park.

  • It's in the same park. A holiday for the Hare Krishnas. In recent years, the Hare Krishnas in Moscow has become noticeably smaller, but periodically their marches still meet :)

  • Here is a very fresh photo. This is the Moscow suburbs two days ago. We went with my wife to a store specializing in all sorts of things for celebrations. On the way I liked this combination of colors :)

  • Here such an installation I met one of these days on one of the absolutely unremarkable little Moscow streets :)

  • Autumn. The area of Ostankino. Moscow. Russia. Earth. Solar system. Milky Way.

    In the background is the house-museum of Sergei Korolev, who first pulled people from the gravity pit.

  • It rains. Photographed now from the balcony :) Quality bad, so that the drops are not smeared, I had to shoot on ISO3200. And in addition - a small crop. But it's still interesting :)

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