15 years ago (in photos)

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Years past pass. An excursion into the past becomes more and more interesting. The mark of 20 years ago is difficult to take - photographs of that time are few. But 15-year-old photos are already available. Photoarchive 2002 is already extensive, just this year, my first digital Canon A40 bought myself :)

I think it will be interesting to see what happened in Russia 15 years ago? :)

In the photo - my workplace of 10.09.2002.

  • I do not remember the contents of the system unit, although, probably, it is possible to recall through posts in my forum, its archives are available since December 1998.
  • Monitor Samsung 3NE
  • Speakers Genius
  • The keyboard is some kind of BTC, which is characterized by the fact that it was almost the only completely classical AT keyboard at that time without the left buttons
  • Modem U.S. Robotics Sportster Courier ... By the way, the manufacturer somehow disappeared from the market. It's a pity the name was kosher, according to Asimov :D
  • Two PDA cradles, for the Casio PV-S450 and for the Audiovox Maestro. The first was interesting with fantastic autonomy. 160 hours from one pair of AAA battery. Batteries for a few months of work (and active reading) was enough. The second is interesting because it was a revolutionary solution - a full-color color PockerPC for $250. But the manufacturer Audiovox in the market and could not resist.
  • Folded IBM Thinkpad 560X


  • So, I continue the theme "15 years ago" :) The car park in Moscow in 2002. In general, at the road junction under my window there were light car accidents on a regular basis. Sometimes twice a week. So there are a lot of photos of this place :) It's interesting that the cars in the majority are still Soviet-made. It will take only 5 years and most cars will become foreign cars. 19 September 2002

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