Russian Su-24 crashed on takeoff in Syria

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Hard news.

Russian Su-24 crashed on takeoff in Syria

At the airfield in Khmeimim in Syria, a Russian Su-24 crashed during take-off, the crew was killed, the Department of Information and Communications of the Ministry of Defense of Russia reported.

"On October 10, during the dispersal to take off from the airfield Khmeimim for the fulfillment of the combat mission, the Su-24 aircraft was rolled out beyond the limits of the runway," the officer of the department said.

He noted that the crew of the plane had not managed to catapult and was killed. The Ministry of Defense added that there was no destruction on the ground as a result of the accident.

"According to the report from the scene, the cause of the accident could be a technical malfunction of the machine," the Russian military department said.


  • This is the fourth flight loss of the Russian Aerospace Forces during the time of the Syrian war.

    • On November 24, 2015, Turkey shot down the Su-24 bomber, one of the pilots was killed by terrorists on the ground.
    • On April 12, 2016, the Mi-28N helicopter crashed in conditions of poor visibility. The pilot lost his spatial orientation. The crew died.
    • On July 8, 2016, the Mi-35 helicopter was shot down from the ground when returning from a combat mission. The crew died.
    • On August 1, 2016, Mi-8AMTSh helicopter was brought down by fire from the ground, returning after the humanitarian cargo was delivered. The crew and passengers were killed.

    In just two years of operation in Syria, Russian aviation has made more than 30,000 sorties and 92,000 air strikes.

  • The Su-24 in Syria. Each star - 10 sorties. The photo is old, last year.

    In the Western media often write that Russian aviation and Assad are fighting only with anti-Assad rebels and almost do not fight with ISIS. You can compare the map of the distribution of forces in 2015 and now.

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    It turns out that the pilots who died today in Syria are my fellow countrymen from Chernyakhovsk. Only 14 miles from my house in the Kaliningrad region. Probably, they repeatedly flew over my house - I even did spotting, photographing the Su-24 from this airfield. It may well be that this is my photo, just their plane. It's from their airfield.


    You can argue a lot about the objectives of the war in Syria, geopolitics, the correctness of Russia and the USA actions in the events of the international level. But one thing is absolutely certain. While these guys bombs ISIS, the likelihood of terrorist attacks in the world is declining. Therefore, the dead today gave their lives for a small piece of security for each reader of the forum. Do not forget about it.

    This pilot Yuri Medvedkov and navigator Yuri Kopylov.


    Today Russian aviation in Syria has struck 182 air strikes on the militants of ISIS.

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