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Now I thought that without going into details and not getting involved in a dispute, you can sometimes try to write something similar on the contrary, here about Russia. Not about what is happening in Russia, but about what is causing a response from Russian Internet users.

The Russian Internet is large, it is used by more than 70% of the population. At more than 60% - every day (two out of every three). Therefore, I can not evaluate the whole Internet, but I can talk about those popular centralized resources where I "live".

Here, for example, the list of the hottest topics of this month from my own forum :)

1. The American missile destroyer John McCain collided with a merchant ship. Well, here it is clear. The topic is hot, soared recently, interest has not yet cooled down. The main topic of the conversation is why in the American Navy, suddenly, so many such incidents have occurred. This does not correspond to the old idea in Russia about the American fleet.

2. A large fire in Rostov-on-Don. This is yesterday's very loud news inside Russia. In the Russian city in the sector of private buildings because of the heat and dryness there was a very large fire. Burned up to 40 houses, hundreds of people were left without a roof over their heads. Many assume that this is the result of arson, arranged by realtors who have long wanted to build new houses in this area. Fortunately, no one died and, most likely, the government compensates for the loss of housing, but people are going through very hard. Mobility in Russia is much lower than in America, people are literally "merging" with their homes ...

3. War with monuments in the United States. In Russia, people are perplexed and joke a lot. They are perplexed, because they realized on their own history how fraught with attempts to rewrite this story, joke because such actions certainly undermine the internal unity of the United States and reduce its influence in the world arena.

4. Terrorist act in Barcelona. Everything is clear. Russia always warmly sympathizes with the victims of terror. Although more and more often the opinion is voiced that Europe itself is to blame for what is happening, both directly, being a participant in the unleashing of wars in the Middle East, and indirectly through the support of migrants.

5. International Forum "Army-2017". About what they say I do not know, I did not follow this topic :) Probably, they share photos, videos and discuss military sport achievements.

6. In Surgut, a freak with a knife of people cut. This is a variant of "Chinese" and "Israeli" terrorist acts. In Russia it is new. Fortunately, the terrorist did not have time to kill anyone, was shot by a policeman. At first they thought that the usual psycho, but today it turned out that he had sworn an oath of allegiance to ISIS. It's unpleasant that such a case pours water onto the nationalist mill. Again, slogans are sounded about the separation of the southern (Caucasian) regions of Russia and the fight against national minorities in Russia.

7. "Our customs" on the topic. Self-criticism about the unpleasant features of wild business (low quality of tourist services, taxis) and whether the state should strictly regulate the quality of service issues or this market should develop freely.

8. "Flood" about the division and decay of countries. Geopolitics of separatism after the collapse of the USSR.

9. R&D on VTOL is incorporated in the state program of armaments 2018-2025. Discussion of the prospects for the revival of VTOLs and whether we need it at all.

10. The USA against the USA. The title of the old topic "USA vs Russia" is being played. Again, discussion of the split in the United States on the subject of monuments to the Confederates.

Also a lot of discussions (but this is already without the popularity rating of the topics):

  • The terrorist act in Turku. News on the attack in Finland. There was no discussion, it was lost against the news of the terrorist attacks in Brussels and Surgut, but many people read this topic.

- Entering Lebanon in the war with ISIS.

- The plot of a new "Avatar" by James Cameron. And the world of "Avatar" in general.

- Long-running dispute around the F-35.

  • USA vs Russia. The topic was mentioned indirectly above. The subject is already 12 years old and it continues to be active :)

- Causes of the collapse of the USSR. It's also a long-standing question, which does not have a single right answer and will therefore be returned to it again and again.

  • The dispute about the age of recruitment into the army. When a person is ready to enter the army, and when it's too late.

- Private military companies in Russia. The Wagner Group, its losses in Syria. Do Russia need private military companies?

  • Discussion of railway missile systems. Revival of this kind of nuclear forces in Russia in the light of growing tension.

- The possibility of an American strike against North Korea.

- Perspectives of high-tech fighting robots on the battlefield. Achievements in the field of weak AI, etc.

- The war of Syria with ISIS. The question is very hot, but under it is a whole subforum, so each of the topics in itself is not very hot.

  • "Results of Putin". The eternal and unceasing holywar between Putin's supporters, Putin's opponents and those who believe that he has little to do with anything :)

  • Construction of Russia. Another similar topic in which the opposition is trying to achieve some concrete answers, what should be done to ensure that Russia does not become what they are unhappy with. For some reason the discontent can not come up with any practical improvement plan in the country :)


Well, I think that's enough for a start. In principle, it is possible to assess what issues now live a certain section of the Internet community in Russia.


  • Some more hot topics of recent times. Not very orderly, partly from the last to the early, partly in order of importance, in part - just as I recall.

    Today a big accident near Vladimir. A minibus from Kazakhstan, mainly with workers from this state, tried to cross the railway crossing before the arriving train, but did not have time. In the accident, 19 people were killed, including several children.

    In Nizhny Novgorod there are two major fires. One in the oil refinery, there were killed 4 people. The second fire, without casualties - at the stadium. But the piquancy of the situation is that this is a large new stadium, which is being built for the 2018 World Cup. So there was a lot of noise.

    A lot of media attention is paid to the topic of Russian prisoners in ISIS. I wrote the news about their execution a little earlier. The opposition, as usual, rejoices at this event. The opinion of the others is different. Someone is in favor of intensifying strikes against ISIS and for launching strikes against American instructors suspected of supporting ISIS, someone is indignant at the Russian government's restrained reaction to this event.

    The theme of the massacre in Las Vegas is hotly debated. Disputes revolve around technical details, motives. But the debate is hotter around the long-standing topic of legalizing weapons in Russia.

  • Already almost subsided, but recently hot was the topic of the monument to Mikhail Kalashnikov in Moscow.

    One of the oppositionists said that Kalashnikov, as the inventor of the most mass automatic rifle, is guilty of the death of millions of people and a monument to him is blasphemy. This caused a very noisy debate. Cherry on this cake was that the illiteracy of the authors of the monument was placed on him a drawing of the German assault rifle StG 44 :)

    This rifle looks very similar to the Kalashnikov rifle, which constantly pours oil on Kalashnikov's accusations of plagiarism. This question pops up almost every year, as often as "American astronauts were not on the moon," and then - such a noisy reason :)

    Well, someone just is not very happy with the monument. Mikhail Kalashnikov is more like a gangster from the 1990s than a talented inventor.

    Although there was a mock-up of a more interesting monument, where Kalashnikov is depicted as he was when he invented his machine gun.

    And, finally, two more cherries (or a whole pineapple?) On a cake scandal with this monument. After detecting the error with the drawing, it was decided to cut it. But when the workers began to do this, the police came and arrested workers for vandalism :)

  • Much attention is paid to the issue of separatism in Catalonia. Despite the Kremlin's position "this is an internal affair of Spain", most Russians seem to support the Catalans.

    Some even found the old political humor from 2012 :)

  • The sad news is two weeks old. In Syria, the Russian general Valery Asapov was killed. He was on the front line after crossing the Euphrates River and came under fire from the ISIS. He himself and two other staff officers perished. In the photo, General Asapov on the bank of the Euphrates.

  • Funny news from Ukraine. Despite all attempts to introduce a blockade against the Donbass, coal was recently discovered in Poland, produced in the Donbas. This adds fuel to the already bright fire of Polish-Ukrainian tension. Also interesting figures - Ukraine this year already bought coal in Russia for $1.04 billion (54.9% of all Ukrainian purchases of coal). Obviously, at least some of this coal is produced in the notorious blockaded Donbass. About the same way as Ukraine buys gas in Europe today, which Russia supplies there :)

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    Forgot to mention. Yesterday, two Russian submarines launched another 10 cruise missiles "Caliber" on the ISIS. The launch was salvo, from underwater position. But such news does not cause the excitement, as it was in the early days of Russia's entry into the Syrian war.



  • A month ago, Russia was subjected to an unusual method of attack. Unknown people call from abroad and falsely warn about bombs planted in public buildings - schools, shopping centers, administrative institutions, cultural events and homes. In each case, a complete evacuation and research for mining is necessary. In just a month, 1900 buildings were "mined" in 120 cities of Russia. A total of more than 800,000 people were evacuated. The economic damage to this phenomenon is extremely difficult to calculate, but it is huge. How to deal with such a phenomenon is still unclear.

  • Visit of the King of Saudi Arabia to Russia. The theme that generates a lot of fun. Despite the fact that Saudi Arabia stood for separatism in the Caucasus and financed anti-Russian terrorists, the Russians are not vindictive, especially when there are occasions for jokes :)

    Here is the meeting of a shaman and a wizard:

    The Russian Defense Minister - Sergei Shoigu - is a Tuvinian, and the Tuvans are known for their strong shamans :)

    And here is the meeting of the king with Putin. But my friends are unhappy - this photo is clearly confused with light swords! This is our president should be red, this is our country - Mordor! :)

    Well, if there were no jokes, the horn of contracts fell down there. The Saudis buy from us S-400, licenses for the production of Kalashnikov assault rifles, approved some contracts for the construction of roads in Russia ... In general, the Saudi king brought with him 500 tons of luggage, 200 officials, 85 heads of large enterprises - there are items for dialogue ...

  • Forgive me some brutality, I did not write earlier. I express my condolences to all ordinary Americans because of the tragedy in Las Vegas. Despite the fact that relations between our countries are experiencing, perhaps, the worst period in history, many people in Russia are experiencing such cases as their own tragedy.

    Residents of Moscow brought flowers and candles to the US Embassy in connection with the tragedy in Las Vegas

  • Here is another hot internal Russian issue, which, probably, is not widely covered in the West :) In Russia, a film-melodrama about the last Russian Tsar Nicholas II and his relationship with the ballerina Matilda Kshesinskaya was shot.

    The film may have remained so little known, but the former Crimean prosecutor began to object to him sharply, and now the State Duma deputy Natalya Poklonskaya. Poklonskaya - a charismatic woman, even on this forum there is a topic on it :) But she is a convinced monarchist and loses touch with reality when, it seems to her, offend the king :) And if we add here that for political reasons the Russian Orthodox Church canonized Nicholas II and he is now considered a Russian saint ... In general, the scandal turned out to be huge. Some hotheads demanded that the film should not be shown in cinemas at all. Sick Orthodox activists set fire to one of the cinemas, where they were supposed to show the film, burned the car of the film's lawyer, threatened with terrorist attacks.

    Now they are arrested and awaiting trial. And the film got a fantastic PR :)

  • Here, I look at the new figures on Russian interference. Total, that today there is discovered, as far as I remember.

    • Something about $ 100,000 for two years to advertise in Facebook from unknown.
    • $ 274,000 paid Russia Today to Twitter for advertising.
    • Now, here, the infernal amount of $ 10,000, paid for advertising Google.

    Lady and Gentlemen, can the American election campaign be so cheaply bought? :)

  • Not about politics. But apocalyptic.

    In the Moscow suburbs a huge shopping center burned down, which sold construction materials. The area of the fire was 600,000 square feet.

    Extinguished using helicopters. But nothing helped, the shopping center burned down completely. The fire arose at the height of the trading day and just a miracle that no one died. Among the many thousands of sellers and buyers suffered and now only one person is hospitalized.

    In addition to the shopping center itself, about 300 cars were burned in the underground parking lot.

  • Another mysterious phenomenon in Russia, which, perhaps, passes by the attention of the Western reader. The Kremlin began to appoint clones as governors of the regions of Russia. Recently, the third clone was appointed.

    It is rumored that this is the result of the cloning of Sergei Kiriyenko, the successful head of Rosatom.Here's to compare the photos of Kiriyenko in his youth :)

  • I do not know how much it will be interesting. Because it is not politics or modernity :D This is an example of the old Soviet advertising cigarettes :)

    Although when I was born, there was no such advertisement anymore. I think it's the 1930s.

  • Looked now S2E14 of "Lie to Me" TV-series. And I noticed one more feature. Lightman's grandfather was a soldier. And this is such an event that his daughter is surprised - "why did not you tell me about it?" And, in fact, it is valid so. It is difficult to estimate the number of those who fought in view of the rotation of soldiers. But we can compare the number of deaths in World War II. The United States lost 0.4 million people. Russia lost 27 million killed. Therefore, in Russia the question usually arises the opposite - wonder if the grandfather of people of the Lightmans age did not fight. This also leaves a big imprint on the worldview. Residents of the US do not know from their experience what a massive bombing is. What is the whole settlements burned with all the inhabitants. Today's Americans do not know what it means to fight for the sake of their existence. And in Russia this majority knows first-hand.

    By and large in this respect, only the Germans can understand of the Russians :)

  • A long picture on how to learn to read in Russian :) Indeed, although the Russian language is difficult for English speakers, but it is not difficult to read in Russian. Some of the letters are the same as in the Latin alphabet, the part exactly corresponds to Greek letters. Exceptions are few.

    My name is Роман :)

  • Well, actually, on the subject of our topic :) The picture is very famous in Russia, but I hardly found it in English. And, yes, I used to write in a parallel topic, in Russian the words truth (истина) and true (правда) differ very much both in pronunciation and in meaning :)

  • A bit of militarism and propaganda in the thread :) Performance by the group of experts of the "Kalashnikov" concern on the occasion of the day of the gunsmith. Shooting is conducted by live ammunition :)

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    Political Interest:

    But when I go on the Russian internet there are so many harsh insults from Russians against Europeans. They call us Gayropa or Eurosodom. Instead of wanting to help us they just insult us.

    Yes, unfortunately, this is also there. I gave an example above about how looking at one Truth different people see the different trues. The average Russian people also sees the situation one-sidedly. Although, I hope, all the same, somewhat wider than the western philistine. In Russia, there is much more direct information available from the West than in the West from Russia.

    Such a complex relationship has a long background, it was not formed in one day.

    • In the early 1990s, when the USSR collapsed, it was largely due to the fact that people of the USSR turned to freedom and openness of the West. There was a great hope that at last friendship and harmony will come in the world :) I myself believed in it at that time. But the reality turned out to be more cruel. The West did not need independent friends :) As Russia returned to independence, relations became increasingly strained. People lost faith in friendship between states.

    • The United States, felt that they remained in the world at that time the only leading world political force began to pursue a very rude policy. Yes, of course, every state has the right to take care of its interests, but in this case a whole system of political relations was broken, which was built for decades. And no one could control this in any way. After this, russian people lost faith in the justice and honesty of the West.

    • The West actively supported Chechen terrorists. Not just separatists, in 1992 Russia was ready to give Chechnya independence, but support specifically concerned those responsible for the terrorist attacks and murders. It began to shape the image of the West as an enemy.

    • In the 2000s, the West began actively destroying the situation in the Middle East. The wars in Iraq, Libya, Syria. In Russia, most do not feel illusions about the value of the Middle Eastern states. And Russia had no big interests there. Therefore, in itself, this would cause some discontent in Russia, but not great. But the United States and Europe staged such chaos there that he began to threaten not only Russia, but also Europe itself. Here the story could go along different paths, many in Russia began to empathize Europe, even despite past disagreements. Russia knows very well what terrorist acts of Islam are, and the pain of others for the Russian people always means a lot, even if it is the pain of yesterday's enemy. But Europe has led a very strange policy for Russia, in fact encouraging the existing phenomenon. The distribution of refugees, the dictatorship of tolerance and the forcing of military operations in the Middle East ... This repulsed many of those who were ready to worry about Europe.

    The year 2014 was a turning point. You can argue a lot from different points of view about the events in the Crimea and Ukraine and we will not come to a consensus. As I have explained many times, it all boils down to the basic principles of the world view, to the choice of priorities of justice or legality. But we are talking about the points of view of specific people. So, from the point of view of the Russian outlook, Russia did right then. Not just profitable for yourself, namely sacred right. And for the right, just act was a sharp and aggressive response of the whole West. The West imposed sanctions. The West began to conduct active anti-Russian propaganda. The West is trying to strike at all levels, even on those that have always been considered not political in Russia - sports, culture, the Internet ... The West blames Russia, at times, with very ridiculous accusations. From the point of view of the Russian, this all looks like the actual beginning of the war against Russia.

    It is not surprising that such an impact first, finally shaped the image of the West as an enemy-aggressor. And secondly, it rallied the Russians - patriotism sharply increased, Putin's rating as the head of state rose to unprecedented heights ...

    As it seems to me, what is happening in Russia is of little interest to the West. Russia today in the West is used more as an internal political scarecrow. I do not think that in the same USA, many people seriously believe that Russia can threaten them somehow (nuclear weapons do not count, it's another story). Therefore, the Western philistine repeats what he hears in the media, but it is somewhere deep in his heart that he understands that this is information foam.

    But the Russians is in a different situation. The official Kremlin does not blame the West for aggression against Russia. Yes, this has been happening more and more recently. But this information is second nature. But the Russians have free access to Western media. And the Russians see with their own eyes how aggressive the West is today against Russia. They see it directly from the Western media, not from the Russians. And this sets the Russians against the West much, much more than any propaganda of the Kremlin. Which, just, is not interested in breaking off relations with the West.

    I could not respond in short, the result was long. And, I'm afraid, after electronic transfer much will be unclear. But it's hard to explain such questions in short form :) Someone will read this unpleasantly, but remember that the points of view are different. And I here described not even my own point of view, but those Russians who accuse and blame the West on the Internet.

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    Political Interest:

    I remember in 2014 I was in London and I saw a Ukrainian man waving a Ukrainian flag in one of the main streets and some Ukrainians were having a protest in support of Kiev. I felt like going up to him and saying that he was not correct to be trying to agitate for this cause in England. However, I did not want to make a foreigner feel uncomfortable. It is also not my business to say anything to a Slavic man about the politics in his own country. Therefore I did nothing. But maybe I should have said something to him?

    I do not think that your reaction to anything would have affected. Maybe I'll somehow write a big text about my vision of the causes of growth of Russophobia in Ukraine, in the Baltics, in Georgia. In the meantime, only the result. All 26 years after the collapse of the USSR in Ukraine methodically developed the line "Russia - the enemy". But Ukraine is a neighbor of Russia. People shared on those who were easily exposed to propaganda and considered Russia an enemy and those who were more critical of such assessments and did not consider Russia an enemy. Or even literally considered Russia a friend. By 2014, this trend reached a critical level and there was a coup d'état that brought the anti-Russian government to power. With this, many in the country were uncooperative and a civil split arose. Those regions that advocated for Russia rebelled against the coup in Kiev. The Crimea and the Donbass declared independence. Several regions, for example, Kharkov, Odessa region, Mariupol, also wanted to secede from Ukraine, but they did not have enough resources for this and the new government severely suppressed separatism (48 killed and burned in Odessa's only action on May 2, 2014). As a result, in Ukraine, in the majority there were not just anti-Russian people, but very aggressively convinced that Russia is the main enemy. After that, a powerful machine of state propaganda joined and a psychosis began. This is also a big separate and complex topic. But the conclusion from it is that aggressive Ukrainians today are completely incapable of convincing, ignoring logic, facts, living in a fictitious world. I do not know what it will lead to in a few more years, but now even Europe is beginning to gradually understand what a complex neighbor this turned out to be.

    Political Interest:

    Very few people have their own opinions. They get their opinions from politicians and newspapers and only believe something if a politician or journalist tells them they have permission. There is little critical discussion.

    This is a common feature of human psychology. Regardless of the country of residence, approximately 60-70% of the population consider their own opinion what they actually see around what they are told by others. Only 5-15% of people have, indeed, their own opinion. In Russia, the same thing :)

    Political Interest:

    Another issue is, if you say anything good about Russia people in the West will call you "pro-Russian" and accuse you of being a fifth columnist. It is actually very dangerous.

    Yes, with this I myself met on the forums - I was often called a paid Kremlin troll :D Well, some friends living in the US or Canada faced such an attitude.

    Political Interest:

    Even among a whole country there are different people. I hope these people on the Russian internet know that there are also normal people in Europe and America.

    The situation, of course, is complicated, but judging by polls, in Russia Americans are, on average, treated better than in America to Russians :)

    // Origin: http://www.pewglobal.org/2017/08/16/publics-worldwide-unfavorable-toward-putin-russia/pg_2017-08-16_views-of-russia_008/

  • I think some will be interested to know what official Kremlin propaganda lives now :) I do not watch TV, like most friends, I get news via the Internet. But all TV channels have sites on which news from the air is duplicated. I went to the second-largest official TV channel, Vesti, unlike the first there is a filter on the topics. And we have little interest in domestic incidents or sports and culture news. I chose the topic "Politics" and give the headlines (I will not translate all the texts, but I can do it if someone is interested). Reverse chronological order for the last day:

    • Sergei Lavrov: it's impossible to negotiate with the US
    • The bill on protection of people who reported corruption was submitted to the Duma
    • US Navy and South Korea launched exercises off the coast of the Korean peninsula
    • Results of the parliamentary elections in Austria: the question of the coalition is open
    • Israel reported rocket fire from the Sinai Peninsula
    • OSCE increases activity in Donbass
    • Elections in Kyrgyzstan: second round is not expected
    • Austria turned to the right, and Germany is waiting for "Jamaica"
    • Governors-Varangians told about their plans
    • Ryabkov: a separate law can be adopted to respond to US sanctions
    • 500 thousand Libyan migrants restrained by Uncle
    • "Leaders of Russia": The Kremlin is looking for officials of the new generation
    • Kiselyov: Carles Puigdemont set everybody up - and disappeared into the bushes
    • Putin urged world leaders to partnership instead of competition
    • The US enters into agreements, and then out of them
    • US authorities will not return flags to Russian embassies
    • Trump and King Salman discussed the US strategy on Iran
    • Syria demands Turkey to withdraw troops without preconditions
    • Sooronbai Jeenbekov leads the elections in Kyrgyzstan
    • Maksakova is confused in the testimony
    • Americans practically erased Cancer from the face of the earth
    • US will not fight with North Korea before the first bombs
    • Spain offered Catalonia to return to the framework of the law
    • Democratic People's Republic of Korea Offers Iran to Combat US Injustice
    • Damascus: Washington can not be trusted, it ignores international agreements
    • Matvienko: Russophobia in the US will be held
    • France wants to return Russia to PACE
    • Deal with Iran: Netanyahu called on the world to support Trump
    • South Korea urged the North to negotiate
    • Abe called the return of the Kuriles a heartfelt desire of the Japanese

    In general, it is possible to draw conclusions about how and in what areas the Kremlin propaganda works inside Russia :)

  • Illustration of the work of these "Russian hackers in the service of the Kremlin" :)

    This is the dynamics of the number of views of the commercial of the recently released documentary film "Crimea" on YouTube. It can be seen how the number of views is tweaked at night time so that the director of the film can then say "see what a high popularity the film has!" :) In fact, the clumsiness and stupidity of such decisions is depressing. How would I be pleased if Russia had such terrible and cunning hackers, capable of influencing already the political processes in other states :D

  • Interesting statistics. The proportion of Russians who want to see a woman as president. Pink - want, blue - do not want.

    An interesting leap in 2016. I have a huge suspicion that this is Hillary Clinton's influence :) To the question of the US influence on the elections in Russia ;)

  • Pyotr Pavlensky. "Radical protest artist". "Fighter against the regime". "Victim of state security scheming".

    It's not my epithets, it's from the Western press :)

    In France, as I wrote above, he arranged another performance with the arson of the doors of the Bank of France. And he was immediately arrested for some reason. What about democratic freedoms ?? Well, okay, at least they wrote about this in the Western media. Although without a small fraction of the noise that would have been if Pavlensky had been arrested in Russia.

    But here's another interesting. According to available information for almost a day, as Pavlensky placed in a psychiatric hospital. And in the Western media I do not see a single message about it. But I imagine what would be the noise, if Pavlensky was sent to a psychiatric hospital in Russia :)

    Here's another example of a different view and different reactions to the same things.

  • The Internet is losing the freedom that it possessed in the late 1990s or early 2000s. Then it was possible to say practically everything in it. Both in the West and in Russia. Today, there are many topics for which they can be dismissed from work, subject to arrest, a fine or, in the case of Russia, to block the site. For Europe, this is, for example, the denial of the Holocaust. For the US - public statements about the promotion of sexism or racism. Or actions that violate the bloated rights of rightholders. In Russia they can punish for propaganda of Nazism or extremeism (with very broad interpretations of these concepts).

    In addition, social networks began to massively block the accounts of users who are active in political life. I came across this in Facebook, and Twitter and, moreover, in Russian — VKontakte.

    The obvious solution to preserving the freedom of communication is to go to distributed networks, in p2p. For example, ZeroNet. By the way, the ZeroNet site was recently blocked in China, which is a certain success :)

    But this is a fairly radical way, requiring users to be focused. Very few people go to this.

    In this sense, the approach of the Telegram messenger is very interesting.

    First, he scored a large audience in the role of just a very convenient and functional messenger. Of course, his popularity in the world is very far from the popularity of the same WhatsApp, but in many countries he came to a confident second place, and somewhere (for example, in Iran) is the first. At me now practically all dialogue (a family, friends, colleagues at work) is translated in the Telegram. In WhatsApp there were only a few single contacts.

    And then the developer of Telegram, Pavel Durov made an interesting move. He realized in it the so-called channels and groups - analogues of blogs and chats in social networks. Provided a flexible exchange of information between different sources, convenient comments and - complete anonymity.

    The questions of anonymity are still questioned by many, but the fact that so far no one has been convicted on the basis of information received from Telegram. And at registration you can remain completely anonymous.

    This spawned a lot of author's channels from anonymous sources, where people write what they do not risk publishing in the usual open Internet.

    Somehow quietly and imperceptibly, Telegram became the main source of political information for me. Although I mostly read Russian-language channels and do not know if there is a similar phenomenon in the West :)

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